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Didactics - Testing and assessment

Workshop How to improve your exam (questions) with psychometric data

Target group
Non-academic staff
Mieneke van der Salm-Pallada  (Advisor ICT and Education)

Have you ever noticed the P’-score, Rir, Rit, Rat, Rar, and Cronbach’s alfa in Remindo? Have you ever wondered what they meant or what you should do about them? Please join SOLO for a workshop on 14 May 0r 4 June (including lunch). Explore the significance of these psychometric indicators and learn how they can help you to enhance both your exams and question banks and increase the quality of your assessments.

Tip: Follow the workshop Mastering the art of test question design on the same day and became a real digital testing-expert!

Please note: this workshop is for FSW staff only.

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