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In order to further enhance the quality of our education, in 2014, the university established the Collegiale Raad voor Onderzoek naar Hoger Onderwijs (CROHO) (College Council for Higher Education Research). Professors who are experts in education research participate in this council. The CROHO advises the Executive Board on research proposals in this field.

Recognised projects

Below you will find an overview of the research projects which have been recognised by CROHO:


  • Formative feedback and interaction in larger lectures through web-based voting
  • Effects of intermediate assessments on study behaviour, time on task and achievement
  • Student success and the teaching-research nexus in undergraduate education
  • Integrating Research and Design in Science Education


  • Prediction of Academic Performance of Leiden University Students: Monitoring the Teaching and Learning Alliance
  • Students’ digital literacy in ICT-rich learning environments
  • Effects of the Leiden Leadership Programme on students’ leadership development
  • Optimising Virtual Research Environments (VRE’s) for fostering research skills and motivation by scripting the collaborative learning process
  • Is “excellent teaching” excellent for everyone? Meeting the diverse needs of students in the University classroom
  • Decentralised Selection of Students for the International Bachelor in Psychology: what is the predictive value of the TSA

Research on education innovations and study success measures

  • Thesis success: a study on the value of thesis seminars
  • Unintended consequences of innovation in higher education
  • Development of a digital progress test pilot
  • Student academic output as a measure of study success
  • Effectiveness of Current Selection Procedures and Instruments in Optimising Academic Performance for the Liberal Arts & Sciences BA/BSc Programme Global Challenges and for the Financed Master Programmes of the Institute of Public Administration
  • Research on the use of web lectures in the Bachelor of Law and the effect on study performance
  • Using motivation research for the evaluation and improvement of teaching-learning arrangements at Leiden University

Follow-up research stronger at the start

  • Follow-up study: Predicting Academic Student Performance at Leiden University

Diversity policy research in relation to study success

  • Building an inclusive learning environment. Leiden University students with a non-western background having their say
  • Quantitative research on Leiden University migrant students
  • Is “excellent teaching” excellent for everyone? Phase II
  • Study success of vulnerable students studying Medicine and Biomedical Sciences: inventory and possible interventions


If you want to know more about one of these research projects and how the projects may be used to improve education, please contact Anna Terra Verhage.

CROHO members

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