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Preparing for a trip: visa and Europass

The students of today will be entering a workforce where they have international colleagues; they may work for international companies and they will likely come into frequent contact with other cultures. Intercultural competencies will be a must for their success. The university can help students acquire these skills in the international classroom.

If your students will be taking part in an internship or period of study abroad, or if you are planning to teach in another country yourself, you should make sure that the trip is well prepared.


There are some countries for which you or your students will need a visa, and it is often possible to apply for this online.

See the Dutch government website for information about visas >>


The Europass is an online tool of the European Commission that enables you to create an international CV in any language. The Europass is valid in:

  • the 28 member states of the European Union
  • Switzerland
  • 3 EEA countries: Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein
  • 3 EU candidate countries: Turkey, North Macedonia, Serbia

International classrooms

Your students will soon be studying with international classmates, and after graduating they may work for international companies, with colleagues from different cultures. The students in international classrooms come from different cultures, which gives them the opportunity to learn about the customs and rules that apply in those various cultures. In other words, they develop intercultural skills.

Teaching in an international classroom

Leiden University supports initiatives to increase the international dimension of its education. Your own faculty will give you more information about the various possibilities, and will provide advice and assistance if you wish to teach in an international classroom yourself.

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