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ICTE programme

Thanks to new technical applications, online learning has come to play an increasingly important role in University education. From MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) to e-learning tools, sometimes in combination with classical contact learning (blended learning), Leiden University is exploring these new opportunities through its ICT &Education (ICTE) programme.

The ICTE programme consists of three programme tracks:

This programme is implemented in collaboration with partners such as the Leiden Teachers Academy, ICLON, the Online Learning Lab and the Centre for Education and Learning.

ICTE programme 2017 – 2020

We are currently compiling our new ICTE programme. This programme will be launched in the course of 2017 and will continue until end 2020. You can consult the preliminary draft of the new ICTE programme or the 2013-2016 programme.

Want to try it for yourself?

Both blended learning and online lectures and videos can enrich your teaching if used well. If you are interested in creating online or blended learning tools for your courses, please contact Sonja Wagenaar or your ICT and Education coordinator.​

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