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ICTE Innovation Programme

Holograms that help you learn, flexible learning spaces and electronic learning materials that adapt to your personal level. The ICT & Education (ICTE) Innovation Programme is exploring and experimenting with innovative teaching methods.

The programme initiates and supports projects ranging from new experiments to the organisational implementation of initiatives that have proven to add value. The programme, which started in 2017 and runs until the end of 2020, is structured into four themes:

  1. Next generation online learning
  2. Next generation blended learning
  3. Next generation online learning
  4. Customised curriculum

Examples of initiatives that have arisen from the programme include:

To implement the programme, ICTE is working closely with groups such as the Leiden Teachers Academy, ICLON, the Centre for Innovation and the LDE Centre for Education and Learning. The programme is making a significant contribution to realising the ambitions of the Learning@Leiden teaching vision.

Want to try it for yourself?

Both blended learning and online lectures and videos can enrich your teaching if used well. If you are interested in creating online or blended learning tools for your courses, please contact your ICT and Education coordinator, or the Centre of Innovation.


Visit the website of the ICTE Innovation Programme. The website is in Dutch only.

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