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Projects and results

We are currently running ICT & Education (ICTE) projects both at faculty and at University level. Many of the University-wide projects fall under the ICTE programme. With the ICTE programme we seek interactive ways of using technology to strengthen the quality of our teaching.

These projects involve collaborations between lecturers, programme directors and other faculty staff. This can take on a number of forms: 

Experimental pilot

An experimental pilot makes it possible to experiment with a specific tool or digital platform for a limited period of time. A condition is that at least three faculties are interested in the tool or platform in question. If this is the case, we can investigate without obligations how users feel about the tool, whether it has added value, and how continued use would impact the organisation. 

Study programme projects

Study programme projects involve a number of courses  - and in some cases all the courses -  of a study programme taking part in a change or experiment. Blended Learning is an example of a study programme project. See this projectt's evaluation and the Blended Learning brochure, which brings together stories by lecturers, ICTE coordinators and programme directors.

Centrally coordinated projects

In centrally coordinated projects, a number of study programmes collaborate in a specific field. Recent examples are the flipping-the-classroom projects. 

More information?

For more information, examples of current projects, or results of recently completed projects, please consult the University's ICTE website. If you have any questions about how to take part in a project, or when a project starts or ends, please contact your ICTE coordinator. 

Current University projects

Project Period
TrainTool 2016 - 2017

Completed University projects

Project Period Report
Introducing Blended learning at study programme level 2013 - 2016 Report
Experimental pilot: Pitch2Peer 2015 - 2016 Report
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