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The Prospectus is intended for students. It offers an overview of all study programmes and courses offered by Leiden University. The prospectus is managed both at central and at decentralised level. At central level, the Prospectus is managed by the Student and Educational Affairs department. At decentralised level, the prospectus is managed by the Faculty editors.

Register courses

Do you want to include a course in the Prospectus? You will find more information under your Faculty's tab. If there is no Faculty tab, please contact your Faculty editor.

In order to keep the information in the Prospectus uniform, please use the following course template when registering a course. Some faculties use their own course template. Please contact your Faculty editor before using the template.


The Prospectus is an appendix to the Course and Examination Regulations. It is therefore important that the Prospectus should be completed correctly and in a timely fashion. For the Faculty of Humanities, this means that the Prospectus should be ready before 1 June of the preceding academic year. In order to keep the information in the Prospectus uniform, we use a course template for entering courses. Next to the course template a template discretionary space and a template programme information are available.

For questions about the Prospectus or submitting a course description please contact your education administration office.

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