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Digital learning environment: Brightspace

Brightspace is the digital learning environment of Leiden University as of the 2020/2021 academic year. This means Brightspace will replace Blackboard. It is more user friendly and responsive and offers more possibilities for the future of education.


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The Digital Learning Environment in 2017-2018

The digital learning environment (dlo) consists of Blackboard, and some external applications. This summer, a new version of Blackboard has been installed that solved some functional and security issues. Further, Blackboard has been enhanced with the application Pitch2Peer for pitching videos and more, and Kaltura, the university’s new video platform. When creating your Blackboard courses, please take care of copyright rules! The university will most probably phase out the well-known SafeAssign application for checking plagiarism. It will be replaced by Turnitin, with better performance in quality and quantity. Furthermore, Turnitin has the functionalities of online grading and peer review. Finally, the DLE is enhanced with the voting tool PresentersWall to gain more interaction in your classroom.

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