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Digital Learning Environment: Blackboard

Blackboard is a Digital Learning Environment (DLE) that you can use to digitally support your lectures or courses. Blackboard allows you to post all your timetables, assignments, lecture sheets and literature lists in one place, and update them as needed.


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Add a course

In principle, a course is added to Blackboard automatically. If your Blackboard course is not created automatically, you can apply for a course via your Faculty contact person. Please make sure your application includes the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your ULCN user name
  • The title of the course
  • The study programme
  • The semester
  • The uSis code (you can find the relevant uSis code in the e-prospectus)

Copyright for teachers

Make sure you comply with copyright when publishing materials via Blackboard. For more information on copyright, see the University Library website.

Copy a course

If you need a copy of an existing course in Blackboard, please inform your contact person, and don’t forget to mention the course’s title and ID. Old courses are not removed immediately, so the students’ results will not be lost.

Learning to work with Blackboard

BlackboardKaltura en Turnitin basics you will find in the user manuals for instructors. ICLON organises a monthly Blackboard workshop for advanced users to help you make full use of all the Blackboard features. Some faculties also offer their own Blackboard training programmes.

Blackboard is operated by the functional management unit of the Student and Educational Affairs department.

The Digital Learning Environment in 2017-2018

The digital learning environment (dlo) consists of Blackboard, and some external applications. This summer, a new version of Blackboard has been installed that solved some functional and security issues. Further, Blackboard has been enhanced with the application Pitch2Peer for pitching videos and more, and Kaltura, the university’s new video platform. When creating your Blackboard courses, please take care of copyright rules! The university will most probably phase out the well-known SafeAssign application for checking plagiarism. It will be replaced by Turnitin, with better performance in quality and quantity. Furthermore, Turnitin has the functionalities of online grading and peer review. Finally, the DLE is enhanced with the voting tool PresentersWall to gain more interaction in your classroom.

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