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Teaching research

A University education is not only about transferring information, but also about teaching students to conduct research.

It is essential that education and research remain interconnected. Students learn best how to conduct research by either doing it themselves or by being involved in an ongoing research study. Integrating research and teaching is not only important to train better researchers: by conducting research students also acquire important skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, data analysis, and the ability to formulate answers to ethical questions. Read more about the League of European Research Universities (LERU)’s vision on the interconnectedness of research and teaching.

Information skills training

If you want your students to be better prepared for a research study, the University Library offers a number of free information skills courses. In these courses students learn to independently assess sources, avoid plagiarism and search literature.

Research software

For your research and teaching Leiden University offers the following research software.


If you have an idea on how to teach your students to conduct research, please contact your IT and education coordinator to discuss the options offered by your Faculty.

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