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Education with video and audio

In addition to web lectures you can also create short knowledge clips, podcasts, vodcasts, and other audio-visual productions. You can even stream a lecture live.

Knowledge clips

A knowledge clip is an application often used in Blended Learning. A knowledge clip is a short video in which the lecturer explains a bite-sized chunk of the lesson materials so that students can understand it before the lecture. This leaves more time in the lecture to explore the materials in more depth. Some faculties have a recording studio where such clips can be created. If you want to create a knowledge clip, please contact your video coordinator.

Create your own audio or video materials

Not all knowledge clips have to be high-quality studio productions. You can of course also produce audio or video materials yourself, or edit existing materials and share them with your students. Need some inspiration? The video toolkit offers examples of a variety of educational videos.

You can save your videos and share them via the Kaltura online video system. Kaltura is integrated in Brightspace, so that you can easily make your videos available. You can also shield your Kaltura materials from visitors from outside the University. Restricted materials can only be accessed by visitors with a ULCN account.

Live lecture

The web lecture equipment can also be used to livestream your lectures. This may be useful in collaboration projects with other universities in which external students may want to follow your lecture in real time. Students are sent a link beforehand and they can watch the lecture via their web browser. Not all faculties offer this service, and it is certainly not possible in all lecture halls. If you are interested in live streaming your lecture, please contact your video coordinator.

Videos uploaded via the video portal are in principle only accessible for the user. Once they have been uploaded, videos can be shared with other ULCN accounts. If a video has to be made available for the whole university, or even for the general public, you can request this via your faculty video coordinator. Before using Kaltura via a learning management system or the Leiden University video portal, please read the further terms of use carefully:

  • Students and staff of Leiden University are permitted to upload videos to Kaltura, provided they themselves have copyright on the relevant video (i.e. the video has been made by the person themselves) or permission has been given by the copyright holder. 
  • Audiovisual works for which you have a licence can be shown via Kaltura during lectures or tutorials, provided the material is protected from broadcasting outside the lectures (set the video to ‘Private’ via My Media).
  • Medical videos may not be uploaded to Kaltura without the written permission of the patient filmed. If the person concerned is a minor, permission must be obtained from the parents. 
  • If you believe that a video protected by copyright has been uploaded to Kaltura without the necessary permission, you can send an email to video@sea.leidenuniv.nl or submit a request via the Kaltura video player (click on the flag at the bottom of the video player). 
  • Leiden University does not accept any responsibility for damage in any form whatever arising from or connected with the use of videos on the Kaltura platform.  
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