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Web lectures

A web lecture is a recording of a presentation, lecture or workshop that can be viewed online. The recording is automatically linked to the accompanying PowerPoint or Prezi presentation.

Create a web lecture

As a lecturer you do not need to do anything to create a web lecture. The web lecture coordinator will make sure that the recording begins and stops and he or she will send you a link so that you can make your web lecture available. You can also contact the web lecture coordinator to edit your recording, for example to delete a slip of the tongue. As a lecturer you may also opt to restrict access to your web lecture, or to not grant access to it at all. Students cannot derive any rights from a web lecture.

Web lectures openly available

As a lecturer and/or department you are free to decide who has access to your web lecture. In most cases, lectures are only open to students, for example via Blackboard. If you want to make your web lecture openly available, for example to generate exposure for your study programme or to receive feedback, please contact your web lecture coordinator to explore your options.

Web lecture facilities

Nearly all large Leiden University lecture halls are equipped with fixed recording equipment for recording web lectures. We nevertheless advise that you book your web lecture in good time. A few faculties also offer the option of creating web lectures at a different location. For more information, please contact your web lecture coordinator. You can also contact your web lecture coordinator to find out how often your web lecture is viewed.

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