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Book a studio or video workplace

Some faculties offer studios and/or video workplaces that allow you to use PCs with advanced audio, video or video editing software.

The Future Learning Office (FLO) department advises and supports employees of the Governance & Global Affairs faculty in the use and development of all kinds of digital educational resources in education.


A web lecture is an audiovisual registration of a lecture that is made available online in Blackboard. A web lecture consists of a recording of the speaker (audio + video) and a recording of what is projected via the projector (Powerpoint, Prezi, videos, etc.). After recording, standard editing of the web lecture takes place, where the beginning, pause and end are cut out and at the beginning of each web lecture an extra slide is added with the terms of use. Recordings begin and end 5 minutes before and after the scheduled times of each lecture (e.g. if a lecture is scheduled from 9.15 to 11.00, the recording starts at 9.10 and ends at 11.05). Web lectures can only be viewed by people who are logged in with a ULCN account and have the unique link to the web lectures of a specific course. Fixed recording equipment is available in the following lecture halls:

  • Wijnhaven:
    • 2.01
    • 2.02
  • Anna van Buerenplein:
    • 2.21
  • Schouwburgstraat:
    • A0.06


FLO can also help you set up and broadcast a webinar (e.g. via Youtube). This can be done quite easily and flexibly. For a beautiful webinar, a well-lit location with little or no ambient noise is very important. This can be done, for example, in one of the classrooms or meeting rooms on campus. If you also want to present slides, a large (television) screen (preferably not a beamer) in the background is also necessary. Please note that you should use a clearly visible font and size in the slides.

Do it yourself

FLO has a microphone, dictaphone and webcam that you can borrow. This allows you to make a screencast, podcast or webcam recording with good image and sound quality. We are also happy to advise and explain suitable software for recording, editing and sharing your videos.

Borrowing equipment

Below is an overview of the equipment that can be borrowed from FLO for making audio and video recordings. For more information, availability and reservations, please contact the ICT&O-Coordinator.

  • Tascam DR-40 audio recorder
  • Blue Yeti USB microfoon
  • Logitech Brio 4K USB webcam


071 527 3203

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