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Workshops and training programmes

The University does everything in its power to continuously increase the professionality of its teaching staff. Two of the ways we do this are via the BKO and SKO programmes, but we also offer other workshops and training programmes on teaching and ICT.

ICT training programmes

You can follow ICT training programmes for example for Microsoft Office and Microsoft in Leiden or at one of the other LDE universities. Training programmes offered by LDE universities are open to all employees of these universities. 

Centre for Education and Learning

The LDE universities have jointly developed three training programmes on online and blended learning. Lecturers from all three universities are invited to take part in these training programmes. 


ICLON also offers training programmes in the field of ICT & Education. These include training programmes on Blended Learning and training programmes on how to use videos in teaching. ICLON also offers individual teaching advice and answers short didactic questions. 

University library

The University library offers workshops for students, lecturers and researchers, which focus on information skills, such as the ‘How to Find Academic Information’ toolbox, and plagiarism prevention. 

Faculty workshops and training programmes

Faculties also offer their own workshops and training programmes. These training programmes are often open to staff members from other faculties. For more information, please contact your ICT and Education coordinator.

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