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Creating a curriculum

The curriculum of all Leiden University study programmes is reviewed and set every academic year.

The central question in this context is: what is the core educational question of the study programme in question? And is this question fully covered in the curriculum?

Each faculty is responsible for sending its programme directors and study coordinators a timely curriculum schedule, thus allowing them to map the answer to these questions.

Ratified by the Board of the Faculty

The Board of the Faculty assesses the curricula in terms of requirements, checks in broad lines staff capacity and definitively ratifies the curricula. If necessary, the Board of the Faculty also examines unresolved conflicts between study programme and institute.

Contact hours

The number of contact hours differs per study programme.

Since 2013, for all Bachelors’ programmes, the minimum number of contact hours has been set at twelve in the first year (in accordance with performance agreements with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science). The study programmes are free to decide on a maximum number of contact hours.

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