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Institutional accreditation and audit (ITK)

Higher-education institutions must be assessed and accredited once every six years to ensure they provide a high standard of education. You may be asked to speak to the assessment panel during the institutional audit.

How is an institution accredited?

An institutional audit is performed once every six years to assess the quality of an institution’s education. The assessment is based on peer review (by independent experts). A panel investigates whether the University has an effective quality assurance system that ensures a high standard of education.

The institutional accreditation differs somewhat from the programme accreditation: here the individual programmes are assessed and accredited by a panel of experts. If the panel’s judgement is positive, the NVAO accredits the institution or programme for a further six years.

The first audit of Leiden University took place in 2013. The panel’s judgement was positive, and the University acted on the findings. One of the most visible results is the updated educational vision, Learning@LeidenUniversity, which was adopted at the start of 2017.

Dates and schedule for the institutional audit in 2019

  1. Exploratory visit on 22 and 23 January 2019
    During the first part, the NVAO’s audit panel will visit the University and:
    • Look at the self-evaluation report that the University has written.
    • Talk to various delegations such as the Board of Governors, the Executive Board, lecturers, students, representatives from the participation bodies and faculty boards.
    • Hold an open meeting for students and staff who wish to say something about quality assurance at the University. 
  2. In-depth visit 20-22 February 2019
    The second part of the audit consist of trails. These comprise an in-depth investigation based on the results of the exploratory visit. The programme for the in-depth visit will be given concrete shape once the exploratory visit has taken place.

What does this mean for you?

A number of preparations must be made before the institutional audit. You may be asked to speak to the assessment panel. If you are, your manager will inform you in good time.

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