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Evaluation of education

We carry out regular evaluations with a view to improving the quality of our teaching. The programme committees and the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) play an important part in this process. In addition, a student satisfaction survey is also carried out very year: The National Student Survey (NSE).

Goal of evaluation of education

Evaluation of education is important for the quality of education. Systematically evaluating our programmes is an important tool to:

  • analyse the quality of education
  • monitor the quality of education
  • improve the quality of education

You will find the guidelines in your faculty's Quality Care Prospectus. 

The programme committee's role

The programme committees play a central part in the evaluation of education. They evaluate their faculty's courses and educational programmes. Also, they conduct alumni- and labour market research, to map what happens to the students after graduation.  

On this research they issue advice on matters concerning the teaching in the programme. When the evaluation cycle is finished, they check if their suggestions of improvement received enough attention.

Evaluation of education by external experts

To ensure the quality of higher education in the Netherlands, the independent experts of the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) investigate whether the institutions have an effective quality assurance system. If the audit is favourable, the NVAO accredits the institution or the programme for a further six years. 

National Student Survey (NSE)

The  NSE covers state-funded higher education institutions in the Netherlands. The findings of the NSE give an insight into the level of satisfaction among students with their teaching experience. You can find the results of the NSE under your faculty tab on this page, or on the website of the NSE.


Please contact Marjolein Boessenkool for questions on evaluation of education.

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