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Programme accreditation

Degree programmes must be assessed and accredited once every six years to ensure they provide a high standard of education. You may be asked to speak to the assessment panel.

How are degree programmes accredited?

The degree programmes at Dutch universities of applied sciences and research universities are assigned to assessment groups. These are groups of programmes with a comparable curriculum that are assessed by one panel. Degree programmes are assessed once every six years, according to the review schedule of NVAO. If the judgement of the panel is positive, the accreditation term of the programme is extended for a period of six years.

Midterm review

The programme itself conducts a midterm review halfway through the accreditation term. This is done with the aid of external experts. The programme assessment results in an action plan. During the midterm review the programme looks at whether it is on the right track in tackling the problems that were identified during the programme assessment. The results of the midterm review are shared with the assessment panel.

What does this mean for you?

A number of preparations have to be made before a programme assessment. You may be asked to speak to the assessment panel, in which case your manager will inform you in good time. For information on preparing for programme assessments and accreditation, please contact the administration office at your faculty.

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