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Copyright for teachers

When using texts, images or video material in your lecture or course materials, you come up against copyright issues. The Copyright Information Office can offer you advice on using such texts and images in your teaching.

Before you can publish or reproduce the work of others, prior permission from the copyright owners needs to be obtained. Agreements have been made between the various parties concerning what is and is not allowed when including source material in instructional materials. If you fail to follow these agreements, you risk being fined. It is the academic institution with which you are affiliated that is liable to pay these fines.


On the Leiden University Libraries (UBL) website, you can read about whether or not you need permission to use course material in specific situations. If you want to be certain that you are making material available legally, you can request an online course reserve from UBL. It is always legal to post links to articles or books from databases to which UBL is subscribed on Brightspace or another digital lending environment.

Copyright in digital learning environment

Would you like to make books and articles available for students in the digital learning environment or in a reader? If so, make sure you bear in mind the rules concerning copyright and possible costs. Also check the following page on the Brightspace support site:

Copyright information point

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