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Loan audio-visual equipment

For your teaching and research you can usually loan audio-visual equipment, such as a video camera, microphone or audio recorder, from your own Faculty.

See your Faculty’s tab for more information on the use of audio-visual equipment. You can contact the General Services Department for more information on purchasing the equipment you need for your teaching.

For information on the use of audio-visual equipment before and during lectures, you can contact your Faculty video coordinator.

Recording facilities and live streaming

Lecture roomsF104 and E004 have built-in equipment for making lecture recordings or live streams. You can request a recording or livestream via the video coordinator.

Webcam sets

If you teach in a room without built-in recording equipment, but with a lecturer computer, you can use one of the faculty's webcam sets. You use such a set in combination with Kaltura Live Rooms or MS Teams, so that students who follow the education online can see you (or the board) well and hear you well.

The sets consist of a good quality webcam with built-in microphone, connection cables and a tripod. Connection instructions are also available. If you need extra help to set it up, please contact the video coordinator. On this page you can reserve one at the Van Steenis. You can collect them at the reception prior to the lecture. If you have an acute technical problem with the webcam set, please contact audiovisual support on +31 71 527 1559.

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