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Tests and theses

See your Faculty’s tab for more information on what we expect of you as a lecturer, before, during and after tests and examinations, and when supervising students in writing their thesis.

Guidelines for paper and thesis writing

For the faculty guidelines, please refer to the student's website.

Handbook Examiners

For a practical guide to the rules and regulations regarding education at the Faculty of Archaeology, please see the Handbook Examiners.

Sending grades to the Education Office

Please note that all grades should be submitted, together with exam/assignment and response model, within 15 work days after the course's final deadline. You may use rubric for the response model (see the Handbook Examiners for more information).

Blackboard and TurnitIn

All written assignments need to be submitted through TurnitIn in Blackboard. See for more information the user manual Turnitin or join one of the Blackboard workshops by ICLON.

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