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Geoarchaeologists @Leiden

Friday 9 November 2018
Van Steenis
Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden

Collaboration and discussion

Since decades geoarchaeology has been key for interpreting both landscape-wide and site-specific phenomena in archaeology. Also amongst the Leiden archaeological community, many people apply methods from this discipline in their research. Ranging from geophysics to micromorphology, there is both expertise as well as interest in geoarchaeology present at our faculty. We believe that this presents an exciting opportunity for collaboration and discussion.

Activities in geoarchaeology

Colleagues who work in this field are spread over the different departments and most are unaware of who shares their interests. Currently, at our faculty, no geoarchaeology discussion group is established to foster such discussion and collaboration. As keen users of geoarchaeological methods ourselves, we are curious to discover who in the faculty is active in the field and which methods are employed in which research contexts by members of our community.

Call for presentations

We would like to invite all interested members of staff for an afternoon session on Friday, November 9th, 2018 to discover who at our faculty employs, or has an interest in geoarchaeology. Two invited experts will discuss the role of geoarchaeology in archaeological research. We also kindly invite anyone who is active in the field to deliver a short (<5 min) presentation on their work. This will hopefully pave the ground for further networking and collaboration in the future.

Preliminary programme

  • 13:00     Introduction
  • 13:20     Guest lecture: Hans Huisman: Scaling the world: Geoarchaeological applications from landscape to microscope.
  • 14:00     Short presentations by staff members (1)
  • 14:30     Coffee
  • 15:00     Short presentations by staff members (2)
  • 15:30     Discussion
  • 16:45     Closing remarks
  • 17:00     Drinks in central hall



Hans Huisman

Scaling the world: Geoarchaeological applications from landscape to microscope.


Session 1




Wouter Verschoof / Walter Laan

New avenues in Geophysical prospection in the Netherlands

Tymon de Haas

an integrated off-site approach to Roman rural landscapes: pilot work in the Pontine marshes 

Apostolos Sarris

Geoarchaeology beyond prospection: the SAGA COST action

Marie Soressi

Geoarch: what the objects can tell (orientation and other analysis)

Karsten Lambers

The terraced landscape of the Lower Engadine, Switzerland: geoarchaeological approaches

Peter Houben


Geoarchaeology at LUC Den Haag


Session 2

Irini Sifogeorgakis

Micromorphology of southern Africa Pleistocene rock shelter deposits

Valentina Azzara

Building Complexity: Building techniques and craft specialisation in Early Bronze Age Eastern Arabia

Eduardo Herrera Malatesta

A diachronic view of the human-environment relations in north DR through archaeology, soils, and micromorphology

Simone Casale

Shared networks of ancient clay procurement practices at Aguas Buenas (AD 600 - 1400), central Nicaragua. A provenance assessment through petrographic and non-destructive X-ray fluorescence analysis.

Victor Klinkenberg

Micromorphology of Mediterranean domestic spaces

Amanda Henry

Nutritional variation across African Landscapes

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