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Workshop: Words and Violence: Global History of the 1968 Protests in Japan and its Contemporary Meaning

What are the connections of Japan and the world during the 1968 protests? To what extent is it possible to make parallels of the events in 1968 and the contemporary conditions in Japan and the world, and how can we theoretically approach this issue? In other words, why the events of 1968 matter in today’s Japan, how Japan at the time was connected to what was going on in the world, and how can we frame such a research?


This workshop will gather a community of researchers in Japanese studies in various disciplines of humanities and social sciences. The workshop will be framed within an emerging field of global history. In contrast with history as a national project, and world history with focus on connections between different civilizations, global history is interested in interconnectedness of events globally. The workshop investigate parallels and entanglements of the 1968 global protests in Japan with the events elsewhere in the world. Furthermore, it will explore the contemporary significance of the events of the 1968 and their connection with various current global issues, such as the crisis of liberal democracy, censorship, direct democracy and self- organizing, terrorism, global capitalism/neoliberalism


This workshop is organised by Leiden University College in close colloboration with the Faculty fo Humanities, LIAS and Japanese Studies Leiden and with the generous support of:

- Isaac Alfred Ailion Foundation: https://www.organisatiegids.universiteitleiden.nl/en/foundations/isaac-alfred-ailion-foundation-iaaf

- The Japan Foundation: http://www.jpf.go.jp/e/

- Leiden University Fund / Dr. C.L. van Steeden Fonds : https://www.luf.nl/draag-bij/fonds-op-naam/algemeen#dr-c-l-van-steeden-fonds

- Leiden University College:  http://www.lucthehague.nl

- Kaken Project of Prof. Iwasaki Minoru:

Participation and Registration

The Keynote Talks of the Workshop are open to public, registration in not required. For questions, contact Maja Vodopivec at m.vodopivec@luc.leidenuniv.nl

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