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PhDebates: Archaeology and text

Thursday 25 April 2019
Van Steenis
Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden

This PhDebates-session is concerned with the complex relations between material and textual sources and how to deal with these in our archaeological analyses. Important changes in the discipline of archaeology -  e.g. the assumed ‘Third Scientific Revolution’(cf. Kristiansen 2014) and the ‘material turn’ ( cf. Olsen et al. 2012) -  could perhaps be considered the final steps in a gradual emancipation of archaeology in its relation to the historical discipline. However, the question how to deal with the relation between text and matter still remains a pressing issue.

Has the widely held view of archaeology as a discipline that counters historical narratives - researching the 'people without history' and deconstructing elite discourse  - perhaps produced an 'anti-historical' discipline? And is this antithetical role preventing us from developing an actual emancipated discipline that deals with both text and matter? In this PhDebates we will discuss how we can develop new ways of interrogating our archaeological data in relation to textual sources. 

A key-note lecture is provided by dr. Marleen Termeer, followed by two shorter presentations by Mireia Alcantara Rodriguez and Jip Barreveld. The second part of the session is devoted to a collective debate, accompanied by drinks and snacks. 

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