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Visit of the Sedimentology Lab At LUC The Hague

Monday 15 April 2019
Anna van Buerenplein
Anna van Buerenplein 301
2595 DG The Hague

Led by Physical geographer Peter Houben and fluvial geomorphologist Paul Hudson, the LUC Science Lab supports teaching scientific methods in LUC’s undergraduate programme in Liberal Arts & Science. The lab is used for sedimentology analysis within the framework of the Bsc programs ‘Earth, Energy, Sustainability’, ‘Ecosystem Health’, and ‘Global Public Health’. Also, the lab is used for (thesis) research activities carried out by undergraduate students and faculty members.

The visit will include a tour of the LUC facilities and getting to know our colleagues in The Hague. We will discuss the potential for collaboration in research or for instance for sharing facilities.

Peter is a broadly trained physical geographer whose main interests are within the interplay of soil and river system functioning and human activities. Peter's interests touch on the mutual repercussions late Quaternary soil, hillslope, and floodplain change, landscape functions, and human resources use. At LUC, Peter teaches courses in Earth System Science, Climate Change, Field Methods, and a course called Soils, sediments, and Society, while drawing on field-data recording and utilizing information from a range of related fields such as geology, climatology, archaeology, and agriculture.

Paul is a fluvial geomorphologist focussing on changes to water resources and riverine landscapes, particularly large-river lowland floodplains. He utilises a field and lab based approach augmented with GIS mapping, analysis of satellite imagery, and historic cartography. Hudson’s research investigates human impacts on the environment, and specifically he examines flooding, fluvial sedimentology, soil erosion, river adjustment, sediment transport, as well as the management of floodplain and riparian environments.


Please let us know if you would like to join by emailing Irini.

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