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How graphic design and visuals can help you sell your research

  • Robert van Sluis, PhD, BDES - independent graphic designer / former scientist
Tuesday 24 September 2019
Langegracht 70
2312NV Leiden

The workshop provides insights into how graphic design and visuals work, how they can improve the quality of your presentations and therefore how your next grant application or science communication can have more impact. The workshop consists of two parts:

Seminar (11.00 - 12.00)

The seminar will provide a theoretical framework for the impact of graphic design and visuals, touching on topics as diverse as:

  • the financial benefits of design
  • the use of color, typography, images and graphs
  • how to guide the attention of the audience
  • when to use text and when to use images
  • differences between print and digital presentation techniques
  • technical aspects for optimum quality of your presentation
  • many practical pointers that you can put to use immediately

The seminar is richly illustrated with examples from a wide range of topics.

Purchase lunch in "De Binnentuin" at your own conveniene (famous Daktuin!)

Hands-on clinic '(Re)design your own visual' (13.00 - 14.00)

Participants bring their own laptops, pen and paper and in various exercises we will go to work on creating visuals for the structure and contents of a research proposal, the vision of a proposal or any concepts that need visualizing.


  • a better understanding what graphic design and visuals can do for your science communication
  • a framework for how to start making visuals yourself
  • a (re-)design of your own visual or slide and/or a basis for a visual with your own abstract

Target Audience & Admission

This pilot training is targeted at mid-career to senior scientists who are preparing for a mojar proposal.

Admission is based on a first come first serve principle. Participation in the seminar is free (max 30 participants), and there is a fee of € 30.- if you want to participate in the seminar + clinic (max 15 participants). If you are employed by the LUMC there will be a participation fee of €45,- for the seminar only and €95,- for the seminar + clinic.

Speaker: Robert van Sluis

With a PhD in Medical Physics and a BDES in Graphic Design, the background of Robert van Sluis straddles both the Arts and the Sciences. He is driven by a sense of discovery and the belief that visual communication is only achieved when the viewer is able to complete what the artist started. He has worked on the design and illustration for grant applications such as ERC Consolidator, ZonMw TOP, NWO Vici, NWO Roadmap Large-scale scientific infrastructure and NWO Gravitation. His illustrations and photography have appeared in scientific journals such as Chaos Solitons & Fractals, the Journal of the American Chemical Society and Angewandte Chemie.

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