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LIAXX lecture by alumna Ella Keijzer

Thursday 14 November 2019
LIAXX invites attendees for a drink in the FooBar after the lecture
Niels Bohrweg 1
2333 CA Leiden

From project to company

On November 14th LIAXX welcomes Ella Keijzer, CEO at Bike Labyrinth. Keijzer studied Cognitive Artificial Intelligence at Utrecht University and Media Technology at Leiden University. Bike Labyrinth started as a project for the Media Technology programme's Semester Project in 2007. 

Be inspired

What inspired Keijzer to continue with a Media Technology project and let it grow into a business? How did the company become so successful that The New York Times wrote about it? How can you combine having children with being a business owner? How much luck do you need and what do you have to do to have satisfied customers and a successful product? What are the most important choices you have to make and what shouldn’t bother you? How do you handle cultural differences when you want to do business abroad?

Answers to these and even more question are included in Keijzer's inspiring lecture about her career path and the start, current status and future of her company Bike Labyrinth.


Keijzer will bring a Bike Labyrinth to the lecture room, so attendees can personally enjoy cycling all over the world and experience Bike Labyrinth.


Each year LIAXX, the LIACS’ women’s network for (future) students, PhD candidates and staff, invites an alumna for a lecture. The goal of this event is to provide positive visibility for women in Computer Science and to hear about the different career paths one can take after graduation. Students and staff of all genders are welcome to attend the lecture, that is followed by drinks in the FooBar. 

From research project to market leader in cycling tours for elderly

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