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Young Academic Lunch FSW

Young Academic Lunch FSW

Wednesday 12 February 2020
Pieter de la Court
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden

The FSW members of the Young Academy Leiden cordially invite you to the Young Academic Lunch FSW themed around outreach. The purpose of this lunch is to bring together early-career scholars post-PhD from all five FSW institutes and discuss matters that especially concern this group, including university policy for young researchers and possibilities for outreach.

Lunch will be provided, but please register here before Friday 9 February 2020, so that we will have enough to share.

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  • Prof. Andrea Evers
    As a former researcher of the Royal Young Academy, my personal motive was always the strive for impact, to make a difference with your work for others (in Dutch). At the same time, this was also my biggest struggle, since I frequently felt that my work did not yet have the impact I was looking for. In my lecture, I will outline what universities can do to have more societal impact and what I did to maximize the impact of my work. 
  • Dr. Peter Bos
    My motivation to engage in outreach activities did not start out from idealistic motives. I just thought it was fun. Yet during the snowball effect that started with participating in science caf├ęs, Universiteit van Nederland, signing a book contract, to recently taking part in a television documentary, I came to realize that outreach can, and should be a part of your work. If you like to, of course.
  • Outreach for early career researchers - Maarten Muns 
    During this short presentation Science Communication adviser Maarten Muns (Leiden University) will talk about the importance of being able communicating your research to a broad, non-specialist audience. He explains which opportunities there are in the field of science communication and how the university and your faculty can support you if you decide to engage in these opportunities.

Of course there will also be plenty of room to get to know each other better.

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