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Converting small scale education to Kaltura Live Room

Thursday 19 March 2020

Teaching Support Webinars

The Centre for Innovation and ICLON are organising webinars to give support on remote teaching. The webinars will take place from 16 March until 27 March, with possible continuation into April. Webinars are scheduled twice daily at 13:00 and 20:00 and will provide information and answer questions on technical and didacital needs for remote teaching. They are open to all teachers and staff at Leiden University and will be conducted in English. 

No registration is needed, just join via this link: https://smart.newrow.com/#/room/wvb-710 

With additional questions, you can contact: c4iremoteteaching@sea.leidenuniv.nl 

Converting small scale education to Kaltura Live Room

For: Teachers and Staff

This webinar will cover general technical support with Kaltura Live Room and will answer questions such as: 

  • How do you design activities?
  • How do you use break out rooms?
  • How do you deal with participation?
  • How do you do one on one conversations?

General Guidelines for Webinars

​To ensure a positive webinar experience for everyone, please pay attention to the following guidelines before you join the webinar: 

  • We will start at the designated time, no “Leids kwartiertje”. Coming in late means that you will miss out on the introduction and it will be harder to follow the story.
  • Please connect 5 minutes before the start time so that you can test your audio and webcam. Also check your browser: Kaltura Live Room works best in Edge, Chrome and Firefox. 
  • Check your background for privacy. Make sure there is nothing visible that you don’t want shown. 
  • Are there other people in your home? Inform them you are in a call and you don’t want to be disturbed. 
  • Remember that the webinar will focus on pedagogy to support teachers. Other questions not answered may be submitted to the ISSC helpdesk for technical questions.

Do you have problems with audio or video?

  • Log out and log in again
  • Consider using a different device (if you are on a phone, switch to a computer, or vise versa) 
  • Check your internet connection
  • Check your browser. Kaltura Live Room works best in Edge, Chrome and Firefox
  • Contact ISSC helpdesk if the problem persists
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