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A Fireside Chat

Careers in (World) Politics

Monday 25 May 2020
MS Teams

In comparison to students from ‘normal’ universities, LAS students do disproportionately well in the job market, not least because their well-rounded education equips them with the knowledge and skills to thrive in diverse professional environments. But choosing which professional path to pursue is not easy. This event aims to provide orientation through an in-depth dialogue with practitioners in (world) politics. We will be ‘fireside chatting’ with LUC alumnus, Ilyaas Sherally, and with Dr. Alexander Stummvoll.

Ilyaas has worked in the private and public sectors and is currently based in Doha where he serves as a Policy Advisor for Political Affairs and Public Diplomacy for the Dutch Foreign Ministry. Alexander has gathered extensive work experience on three continents in the field of politics, diplomacy, academia, development and consultancy. He currently works as the district director for a member of the German Parliament.

A Career in (World) Politics

Why did our guests choose a career in (world) politics? What other options did they try out or consider? How did their studies prepare them for their professional lives? Looking back, is there something they wish they had known as an undergrad? What part of their jobs do they find most fulfilling? What frustrates them? How do they strike a work-life balance?

Join Us!

Rather than offering simplistic advice in the form of generalized dos and don’t’s, this event offers the opportunity to get to know the practitioners and to ask them everything you ever wanted to know. Join us on MS Teams.

Join us on MS Teams!

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