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Build Your Own Online Community Q&A

Wednesday 26 August 2020

Questions about how to build an online community?

This webinar is hosted by Leiden University's Centre for Innovation and is a follow up Q&A to the training Build Your Own Online Community

Sign up for the free webinar via this link: https://www.formdesk.com/universiteitleiden/webinar26august

Before attending the Webinar, please be sure to review the online training, which consists of readings, knowledge clips and presentations as well as templates to create your own community. The training is online and self-paced, meaning you can start and finish whenever it suits you, and it should take around 4 hours

More about online community building

Online community building is more important than ever as many aspects of day-to-day life are moving to the digital realm. This includes teaching, student associations, interest and professional groups, and other social associations. The transition to online communities can be a daunting challenge. Build Your Own Online Community provides academic and support staff, as well as other community and association leaders with what they need to successfully build and maintain digital communities. 

More insights on online community building from Leiden University's Centre for Innovation: 

Online Training: Build your own online community

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