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Film screening and discussion

The Uprising

Wednesday 16 September 2020

Please note that this event is in English.

An event in honour of Pravini Baboeram’s music documentary ‘The Uprising’. The film tells the story of resistance against racism in Europe, in particular in the Netherlands, UK and France. ‘The Uprising’ offers a unique view of the collective challenges that communities of colour face in Europe through their own eyes, connected through Pravini Baboeram’s music. Not only does the film provide an analysis of the history and legacy of colonialism, but also a vision on strategy for the future of the movement.

Prior to the event, participants are asked to watch the film. A collective screening will start at 17:00.


During the event Pravini Baboeram will create space to exchange ideas and questions that have come up as a result of the film. How does your curriculum relate to the ideas presented in The Uprising? What parts of the film do you take with you in your research and teaching? What were moments in the film that made you uncomfortable and why? Pravini Baboeram will also present the educational toolkit she developed following The Uprising film, together with the #DecolonizingTheMind challenge.

After the event, you will be able to critically reflect on your own research and teaching practices from a decolonial perspective, with suggestions based on The Uprising toolkit. You will be able to start or further develop a process of awareness, empowerment, and engagement with regards to racism in your classroom.


To register, please e-mail us at diversiteit@leidenuniv.nl.

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