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Healthy University Week 2020: all activities on Wednesday 28 October

Wednesday 28 October 2020

Here you will find an overview of all activities that will be organized on Wednesday 28 October.

08:00-08:45 Tai Chi (ENG + NL)

Smooth standing movements to the rhythm of your breath. Calm your mind by shifting the focus to your body. 

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09:00-09:20 Coffee corner (ENG + NL)

Besides not being able to go the Leiden University or the LUMC for work, you also miss daily contact with colleagues during this period. Human contact is an essential  part of  your daily work and keeping in touch with others benefits your work. Research has shown that social support is also important for reducing symptoms of stress. People with a strong social network have a higher life expectancy and a better immune sustem. During the Healthy University Week 2020 we organize Kaltura Coffee Breaks. A nice way to start a conversation with familiar and / or new colleagues while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. Do you like networking? Are you new at Leiden University or the LUMC? Or do you just want to chat? Use the Kaltura Coffee Breaks to expand your network or meet new people. 

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10:00-10:20 Office work-out (ENG + NL)

A short break to loosen your neck, back and shoulders, to boost blood flow and to strengthen your muscles. Then you can get back to work full of energy. 

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10:30-11:30 Workshop: Facts and myths about nutrition (ENG)

Nutrition is a hot topic. The media is full of it. What should you believe? Are carbohydrates and gluten bad? Are "superfoods" really that good? Because of contradictory reports in the media, people no longer see the forest for the trees and food is surrounded by all kinds of conscious rules and emotions that distract from the essentials. This workshop provides insight into what it takes for you to benefit from nutrition for your health. Facts are stated and myths debunked. 

Be quick to sign up as the maximum capacity is 20 people!

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12:00-13:00 Digital lunch session: Twintigerstwijfels & Dertigersdilemma’s - Keuzestress, sociale vergelijking en zingevingsvragen (NL)

This digital lunch session will be in Dutch. For more information: go to the Dutch page

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14:30-15:30 Workshop: Eet ik gezond? (NL)

This workshop will be in Dutch. For more information: go to the Dutch page

Be quick to sign up as the maximum capacity is 20 people!

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16:00-16:45 Bodyshape (ENG + NL)

A full body workout. There are two parts to this training, cardio, where you will train your heart and lungs, and strength, where you will strengthen your abdominals, glutes and legs. 

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