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PhD Research Day

Tuesday 26 January 2021

During the annual PhD Research Day the PhD's of the Faculty of Archaeology will have the opportunity to present their projects to their faculty colleagues. This year the PhD Research Day will take place online.

All staff members are invited to join. Please support our PhD candidates by attending this event.

See for more information the invitation in your Outlook calendar.


  • Roberto Arciero (Adaptation strategies, water management and social changes: the case of Turkmenistan)
  • Anneleen Stienaers (Continuity and Change in the ceramic repertoire of Grenada, Saint Vincent and the Dominican Republic across the Historical Divide)
  • Alex Brandsen (Digging in Documents; utilizing text mining to access the hidden knowledge in archaeological grey literature)
  • Marlieke Ernst (Early Colonial Mosaics, Transculturation within Ceramic Repertoires in the Spanish Colonial Caribbean 1495-1562)
  • Valerio Gentile (Weapons of choice – Exploring attitudes towards martiality in Early Europe)


  • Jully Acuña Suárez  (Reflexiones sobre espacio y lugar. Usando MapArt para el estudio de Patrimonio Cultural Camëntsá)
  • Marcelo Miranda Marques (Decolonizing Indigenous Time, Place and Knowledge. Collaborative Heritage Management with the Camëntsá People.)
  • Irini Sifogeorgaki (Micromorphology of southern Africa Pleistocene rock shelter deposits.)
  • Jip Barreveld (Towns and Elites in Merovingian Northen Gaul)
  • Mink van IJzendoorn (The Closed Sea and the Open Market: Pottery as an Indicator of Socioeconomic Changes in the Late Byzantine/Frankish Aegean)
  • Maria Hadjigavriel (Cyprus in Context: Tracing Interactions in 3rd millennium BC Eastern Mediterranean)
  • Marina Gavryuskina (The Human Past in 3D: Developing a Sustainable 3D Methodology for the Documentation and Analysis of Complex Archaeological Stratigraphy)
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