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PhD defence

Consequences of Reward-Oriented Motivation and Security-Oriented Motivation on Business Growth Motivation Among Small-Business Owners

  • B. Prasastyoga
Thursday 18 February 2021
Academy Building
Rapenburg 73
2311 GJ Leiden

Lay Summary

The thesis consists of eight studies aimed to investigate the consequences of reward-oriented motivation and security-oriented motivation for business growth motivation among small-business owners. The eight studies were also aimed to examine how reward-oriented motivation and security-oriented motivation relate to business growth motivation. Six studies were conducted online, whereas two field studies were conducted in the Greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia.

The results of the studies generally showed that small-business owners who mostly focus on pursuing rewards in their entrepreneurship consistently possessed a strong tendency to be motivated to pursue business growth. On the other hand, small-business owners who mostly focus on ensuring security and survival in their entrepreneurship (e.g., avoiding unemployment) did not possess a strong tendency to be motivated to pursue business growth.

Furthermore, the results of the studies demonstrated that small business owners’ inclination to be future-oriented in running their businesses, positive perception of their own ability to pursue business growth successfully, and positive evaluations of the worthiness of their business ownership played an important role in explaining why reward-oriented motivation is more predictive of business growth motivation than security-oriented motivation among small-business owners.


  • Prof. C.K.W. de Dreu

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