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L.A.S. Terra symposium: Repatriation

Thursday 4 February 2021
Online, registration by e-mail

L.A.S. Terra will organise an online symposium on repatriation of archaeological artefacts. We will have three short lectures given by Martin Berger, Doctor Mariana de Campos Françozo and Doctor Daniel Soliman. Aside from a general introduction on how museums in the Netherlands deal with such a touchy matter, we will also hear about the way it is perceived in the Near East and in the Americas.

The symposium will take place on the 4th of February starting at 15:00. We will leave room for discussion and questions afterwards. 

We will use Microsoft Teams for this event and send a link to anyone who is interested in joining. To register, send an email to bestuurlasterra@gmail.com.

We hope to see you online!

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