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Colour in the public space

Wednesday 24 March 2021
The online room will be open until 18:00 for aftercare purposes.  

As part of European Action Week Against Racism, we will consider colour in the public space during this second Come talk to Us session. Dr Francio Guadeloupe (University of Amsterdam) will talk about the cultural politics of the urban and urban Blacknessin light of his upcoming book Blackman in the Netherlands. He will also touch upon rethinking the categories of multiculturalism and diversity, and upon the idea of racial belonging.

We have also invited students of Leiden University to share their experience and perspective on colour in the public space.

In moderated breakout sessions there will be an opportunity for a more in-depth dialogue on the topic. After the breakout sessions we will share our final thoughts in a plenary session. The online room will be open until 18:00 for aftercare purposes.

Join the conversation

Join us and share your thoughts, ideas and concerns or ask any questions you may have. You can register for the Come Talk To Us session by sending an email to diversiteit@leidenuniv.nl.

About European Action Week Against Racism

Every year in March, the international community calls for action against racism, discrimination and intolerance with European Action Week Against Racism. During this week, various NGOs, civil society organisations, schools and local authorities are encouraged to join forces to tackle racism together.

Within Leiden University we see that now more than ever there is a demand for tools and support networks where people can talk about racism and discrimination. This makes European Action Week Against Racism a good time to create awareness and to inform students and staff about where we stand as a university community and the efforts needed to ensure a safe and inclusive working and learning environment.

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