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Empirical Methods in Legal Research: Reflexivity

Thursday 25 March 2021

Njoki Wamai (United States International University Africa) will talk about reflexivity in the next session Empirical Methods in Legal Research.

Legal researchers need to draw attention to the ways in which their lived experiences influences their interactions with research participants. The reflexive process increases transparency and the quality of qualitative studies and demonstrates their reliability.  It is an ongoing process, extending from preparing the project to processing feedback on the research results.

Reflexive accounts that focus on how preparations are modified during the research are particularly interesting. Such accounts provide real insights that are not recorded in codes of conducts and other guidelines. In her talk, Wamai will discuss identity dilemmas, access and tools to practice reflexivity.   

To prepare this interactive session, please read Wamai’s article ‘First Contact with the Field’ in the Journal of Human Rights Practice. You can find this open-access  article on this link.

The working language of this session is English. Please register with Aleydis Nissen by 17 March (a.m.h.nissen@law.leidenuniv.nl). She will send you an email confirmation with the link needed to access the session. For the other sessions, please click here.

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