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Forum Antiquum Spring 2021 lecture: ‘Political all too political. Protagoras against the experts’

Thursday 4 March 2021
The lectures are online.

"In this talk I am going to explore once again the famous myth told by Protagoras in Plato’s homonymous dialogue. I will try to argue that this myth has to be read analytically, as an explanatory myth, and not genealogically, as if it were reconstructing the history of human civilization. If this is correct, the most interesting consequence is that it turns out to be a celebration of politics as opposed to the world of technai. An old solution to a modern problem. If time allows, I would also discuss how Protagoras’ confronts some poets (most notably Hesiod) in order to present himself as the ideal teacher for his times."

Physical meetings are still very restricted for anything that is not part of the regular education programme. Therefore, we will meet in the following Kaltura Live Room. 

We start at 16:00.  
For more information about Forum Antiquum and the link to the liveroom, please contact 
Henric Jansen or Iris van Kuijk.

Prof. dr. Mauro Bonazzi

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