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Inclusivity Pathway Training: putting inclusion into practice

Wednesday 3 March 2021

An inclusive learning environment is a basic foundation for an educational environment which allows all students to thrive. But how exactly do we achieve this goal? What does it take to build a learning community where students and staff feel safe to share their perspectives, and trust each other sufficiently to engage in an open conversation? How do we deal with the emotions and pressures that come with the pandemic? How do we support each other in these difficult times? The Inclusivity Pathway Training helps answering these questions.

The Inclusivity Pathway Training is the result of a research project led by Dr Aminata Cairo and funded by an NRO grant. The training is aimed to develop an effective way to assist people in becoming capable of creating an inclusive learning environment. Inclusivity requires not only knowledge, it also means being able to engage with a diversity of experiences, emotions and the development of specific skills to positively engage with diversity. The training programme sets itself the goal to empower people and foster the development of skills to engage in inclusive action and/or facilitate an inclusive learning and working environment.

Concretely, the work conference introduces the project and offers participants a chance to get a taste of the Inclusivity Pathway Training and take part in exercises developed by its participants. The event offers insight into the main goals and nature of the project, which will become available to the public once completed, offers hands-on sessions where specific skills are practiced, and also includes room for reflection to further develop the training. All are welcome. Participation is free of charge, but registration is required.


Plenary introduction and check-in by Aminata Cairo
Break-out sessions with exercises focused on the key themes of the training
- Session 1
I love you, I hate you: family lessons about positionality
- Session 2
Saying and doing, the active act of communication
- Session 3
From exclusive to inclusive language
- Session 4
What’s the story: an exploration of positionality
Reflection on the exercise within the break-out session
Plenary reflection and closure


To register and receive a link to the online event, please fill in the following form before 1 March 2021. 

Please contact the Expertisebureau D&I at diversiteit@leidenuniv.nl if you have any questions or remarks.

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