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Liveable planet lunch meeting

Tuesday 9 March 2021
Liveable communities – Liveable Planet
Virtual lunch meeting - MS Teams

You are invited to join us at the first lunch meeting of the Liveable Planet program. We will introduce the Land van Ons - Vrouw Vennepolder (VVP) program: a long term innovative living lab to sustainably manage the peat landscapes of Europe. The Vrouwe Venne polder is situated at a 20 minutes bike ride from the center of Leiden.



Short intro | all webcams on 


Maarten Schrama will introduce the living lab followed by reflections from different university staff about the research and teaching opportunities within the VVP. See for more info below.

Living Lab Vrouw Vennepolder - Land van Ons

The peat meadow area is the most important cultural-historical landscape in Holland-Rijnland and is under great pressure. The cities are advancing, we are experiencing a dramatic decline in biodiversity, accompanied by high nitrogen emissions, soil subsidence, greenhouse gas emissions and increasing salinization. The farmer in the area is struggling financially and prospects are poor. Restoration of life in these areas is only possible if all parties work together and to re-invigorate the connections between the citizens, communities and the biodiversity in the peatland landscape.

In this Living Laboratory we are aiming  for high-quality restoration of biodiversity and landscape quality of the peat meadow landscape within Holland Rijnland, with an eye to climate objectives, the connection between town and country and a vital agricultural sector. Restoration of biodiversity forms the basis for a good quality peat meadow landscape and is therefore decisive for a future-proof, attractive region (welfare, health, business climate and connection between town and countryside) and in general for the future of the peat meadow landscape.

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Liveable communities – Liveable Planet

The Livable Planet program is one of the eight interdisciplinary programmes that were launched at Leiden University in 2020

Leiden’s  Liveable Planet program aims to combine scientific, policy, socio-cultural and historical/archaeological research at Leiden University into coherent research with which we can tackle the major challenges of a transition to a habitable planet with ecological sustainability. The program will  serve as a hub for the wide range of relevant research carried out within Leiden University and welcomes interaction with colleagues interested in contributing to the initiative within as well as outside of Leiden University.

Liveable communities – Liveable Planet

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