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Painting ensembles in eighteenth-century interiors in the Dutch Republic

Thursday 18 March 2021
Interiors for Display: The art of the eighteenth-century interior in the Dutch Republic and Europe

About this event

Paintings played an important role in the eighteenth-century interior. Painted wall hangings, ceiling paintings, mantelpieces and overdoors, were meant to form together with the architecture, plasterwork and wood carvings, a coherent whole: an ensemble. These interiors –  at the time called "painted rooms" (geschilderde kamers) or "rooms in the around" (kamers in het rond) – are an important source of information. Not only do they offer us unique insight into patrons’ ideas and lifestyles, but moreover they elucidate how artists translated these criteria into visual concepts.

In recent years, in the NWO-funded project From Isolation to Coherence, several remarkable examples of these ensembles were studied in depth for the very first time. An interdisciplinary team of researchers combined material-technical and art historical research methods. Chemical and physical investigations into the application and aging processes of materials are related to the results of archival research in historical material-technical sources. An important role has also been assigned to stylistic and iconographic analyses of the paintings, and an examination of the sociohistorical context in which they originated.

In this lecture, the different facets of the ‘painted rooms’ will be highlighted, based on examples from private residence of the early and late eighteenth century, and from different regions of the Dutch Republic.


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Interiors for Display

This lecture is part of the 'Interiors for Display' lecture series. In the Spring of 2021, academics, curators and heritage professionals are brought together for a series of lectures that will cover various aspects of the eighteenth-century interior in the Netherlands and Europe.

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