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Regulating Big Tech Platforms: What can the EU do?

  • Aída Ponce Del Castillo
Wednesday 3 March 2021
EU Seminar

Digitalization has been changing everything about the way we speak, work, vote, and shop, and the regulation has been lagging behind. This is now changing: 2021 will bring an important number of EU legislative initiatives to regulate artificial intelligence, algorithms, access to and flow of data, online platforms and big tech. The EU has become the centre of attention in regulating these key areas, with the intention to create a Digital Single Market for Europe, but in doing so is going to have an enormous impact on the rest of the world. Join us for a talk with Aida Ponce del Castillo for a critical assessment of changes in the EU regulatory landscape, with emphasis on the two upcoming landmark regulations: Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act.

Aída Ponce Del Castillo is a Senior Researcher at the European Trade Union Institute, specializing in the legal, ethical, social and regulatory issues of emerging technologies. She has a European Doctorate in Law from the Universities of Valencia and Bonn and is a member of several EU and OECD working groups for the regulation of emerging technologies. You can read her recent Social Europe piece on the EU’s regulation of artificial intelligence here.

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