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Europe-China Collaboration in Higher Education and Research

  • Ingrid d'Hooghe
Thursday 1 April 2021

Leiden University proudly presents a webinar by Dr Ingrid d'Hooghe, Senior Research Fellow at Clingendael Institue and LeidenAsiaCentre. The host of the webinar is Professor Joanne van der Leun, dean of the Faculty of Law and chair of the China Region Group.

China is an important partner for Leiden University. The past decade has seen increased collaboration, in both teaching and research, with Chinese universities and research institutions, leading to many fruitful joint projects. The number of Chinese students and PhD is rising, as are the number of joint publications with top-ranking Chinese universities.

However, this collaboration also presents challenges and concerns, and researchers increasingly face the question of how best to deal with the strategic, security, and ethical issues involved.

In this webinar Dr Ingrid d’Hooghe will discuss the dillemas relating to collaboration with China. She will focus on how to make such collaboration more sustainable.

Topics to be discussed

  • Which current European and Chinese policies have led to more scrutiny of European-Chinese collaboration in academia?
  • What are the current challenges and dilemmas?
  • What do other European universities and governments do ?
  • What measures are needed to make the collaboration with China more sustainable and strategic, while ensuring information security and academic integrity?


Welcome and introduction by Professor Joanne van der Leun
Presentation by Dr Ingrid d’Hooghe
Closing remarks

This webinar is intended for

  • Staff members of Leiden University and LUMC
  • Student members of the Faculty Councils and the University Council


Registration is closed.

Relevant publication

Ingrid d'Hooghe & Jonas Lammertink: Towards Sustainable Europe-China Collaboration in Higher Education and Research (LeidenAsiaCentre, October 2020)

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