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Forum Antiquum Spring 2021 lecture: ‘Fleshing out the body politic at Rome’

Thursday 29 April 2021
The lectures are online.

'Body politic’ imagery has its origins in ancient Greece but – as has regularly been pointed out – becomes more anatomical as we move to Rome. This short paper builds on the work of Squire, Meister and others to think about why this is, and about how the body of the emperor (real and representational) works with, and, ­crucially, against this metaphor. It also thinks about how the picture shifts over time. This means 'fleshing out' the specifics of the broader cultural context in relation not only to Greece (Classical and Hellenistic) but also to Persia. 

Physical meetings are still very restricted for anything that is not part of the regular education programme. Therefore, we will meet in the following Kaltura Live Room. 

We start at 16:00.  
For more information about Forum Antiquum and the link to the liveroom, please contact 
Henric Jansen or Iris van Kuijk.

Abstracts of the lectures and information about the speakers will follow.

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