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Lecture | Topical Issues in Museums

The Golden Coach Exhibition at the Amsterdam Museum

Tuesday 6 April 2021
Topical Issues in Museums
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Annemarie de Wildt, Curator, The Amsterdam Museum, “The Golden Coach Exhibition at the Amsterdam Museum” (Inventing a Nation. National Museums and the Formation of Identity)

Annemarie de Wildt, curator at the Amsterdam Museum, is currently working on an exhibition on the Golden Coach. This gilded carriage was presented by the Amsterdam population to young queen Wilhelmina on the occasion of her inauguration in 1898. Meant to reunite the nation, the Golden Coach also raised criticism. Nowadays one of the side panels, titled Honor of the Colonies, is fiercely criticized for its colonial imaginary. The exhibition tells the story of the idea behind the Amsterdam present, meaning of the symbols, the colonial connection, the production and restoration and the rituals around the use of the Golden Coach. The Amsterdam Museum has invited artists to give their artistic reflection and invites visitors to share their opinions on the future of this contested Dutch heritage. In her lecture De Wildt will talk about the process of creating a multi-perspective exhibition together with a team from inside and outside the museum.

This lecture is part of the Guest Lectures Spring 2021: Topical Issues in Museums, organized by Dr. Laurie Kalb Cosmo.

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