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Arts and culture | Book launch

Book launch: online presentation of Hanneke Grootenboer's 'The Pensive Image. Art as a Form of Thinking'

  • Hanneke Grootenboer (Radboud University)
  • Marisa Bass (Yale University)
Wednesday 19 May 2021

About this event

The Leiden Department of Art History cordially invites you to the online presentation of Hanneke Grootenboer's The Pensive Image, published by The University of Chicago Press.

With The Pensive Image, Hanneke Grootenboer considers painting itself as a type of thinking, arguing that art is capable of forming thoughts and shaping concepts in visual terms. T.J. Clark praises the book as follows: “Is there a kind of thinking that painting, or photography, can do, which ‘thinking in words’ cannot? What kind of realm do viewers enter when they go somewhere with an image? Are there pictures that are especially good to think with? These are the questions of Grootenboer’s unflinching, generous book, and her conclusion is pungent: ‘Philosophy . . . needs art to say what it cannot say.’”

First, the author will present her book. This will be followed by a reflection of Marisa Bass on the new insights the book provides for art history and theory.

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Please note that there's another book launch this semester:

'Another history of Art' on May. 12, 2021


Hanneke Grootenboer's 'The Pensive Image. Art as a Form of Thinking'
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