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CEES centre webinar: Electoral clientelism in Eastern Europe

Friday 21 May 2021

Isabela Mares (Yale) and Lauren Young (University of California Davis) join our roundtable to discuss their new book Conditionality & Coercion: Electoral clientelism in Eastern Europe. They have investigated illegal forms of campaigning, including vote buying and electoral coercion, in two democratic countries in the European Union: Hungary and Romania. While most voters judge candidates who use clientelism harshly, politicians still get away with such malpractices. Why? And what could be done about it?

This roundtable will be hosted by Maria Spirova, Antoaneta Dimitrova and Petr Kopecký. All staff and students are welcome to join!

Link to the webinar

Zoom (this session will be opened a few minutes in advance; prior registration is not required: you will be admitted by the session host)

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