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Seasons of Interdisciplinarity: Spring of Big Data

Friday 18 June 2021
Online, the link will be distributed to registered participants

This season, the Young Academy Leiden dives into questions raised in the context of Big Data. We do this by means of a Big Data Policy Hackathon for early-career researchers at Leiden University on Friday 18 June 2021. We are looking forward to seeing you there! The Hackathon addresses three interdisciplinary real-life challenges. Big data topics will span Law, Philosophy, Data Science, Medicine, Public Administration, Sociology, Psychology, and other areas: Sign up, meet other scholars who may be working on topics adjacent to your work in other faculties, and valorize your expertise for society!

Challenge 1: 113 Dutch Suicide Prevention Hotline. Help experts of 113 to come up with a predictive model to estimate the number of staff needed at the call centre on a daily basis, based on social media, death of a celebrities, and any other variables you can come up with.

Challenge 2: Municipality of The Hague. Help local bureaucrats address illegal housing in Den Haag by looking at data-related solutions while also raising ethical questions around identifying certain locations.

Challenge 3: Leiden University. What can Leiden University do with data generated by Brightspace? Using a simulated dataset, we will discuss suggestions on opportunities and limitations.

When: Friday 18 June 2021, 9.00-12.30 CET

Where: Online, the link will be distributed to registered participants

Who: Early-Career Researchers (post-PhD) at Leiden University

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