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Summer webinar: Hybrid work

Monday 12 July 2021
Zomerserie Webinars Leidinggeven in Online tijden
Online, via Zoom

Hybrid work is here to stay. We are gradually returning to the office, but then not every day and not all at the same time. Some of your colleagues will be in the office, while others will be working at home. And that means a new form of collaboration. In this session Mireille Beumer will explore various questions such as: How will we as a team organise our daily work and meetings if some people are working remotely and others are in the office? What agreements can we reach about how to work together, about how to communicate with one another and about what we think is important? What is synchronous and asynchronous collaboration and how will we implement this in our culture?

This series is offered free of charge to staff members of Leiden University and registration is not necessary. Feel free to join when it suits you.

To the webinar (Zoom)

Mireille Beumer

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